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Welcome and Introductory Workouts
by posted 06/11/2020

Summer Training 2020


As we wait for approval to meet together for practice, I will begin sending out workouts each week. This first week will consist of three tests. Lord willing, when we do meet for conditioning this summer, we will meet on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. More details will be forthcoming. For any specific questions, feel free to email me at I will look forward to meeting all of you in person in the near future.


Coach Dave



Week 1: Initial Test Week (June 11–June 20)


Hello FHS Runners,


This week and/or next, I want you to measure your baseline times for three running ‘tests’. These will help me to get to know you and to help design workouts that will be suited for you. From this baseline we will begin to build a base for running that prepares you for the time trial coming in August and the season to follow.


Three Tests


Here are the three key tests, to be completed on different days.  


1.     Mile Test (1609M) – Go to a local track and run four laps. A mile is just over four laps.


2.     1.5 mile / 3.1 mile – Find a trail where you can run either 1.5 miles (middle schooler) or 3.1 miles (high school).

3.     How long can you run—up to 20 minutes (beginner), 30 minutes (intermediate), 40 minutes (advanced)


Beginner          = 12+ years old AND 0+ years of training

Intermediate    = 14+ years old AND 2+ years of training

Advanced         = 16+ years old AND 4+ years of training

4.     Fill Out the “Get to Know You” Form


5.     Mark out 1, 2, 3.1 (5k), and 5 mile runs near your house – these can be approximate distances.
(You don’t have to run this, just measure it)





1.     Five Minute Warm Up Run


2.     Dynamic Stretching / Technique Running


·       Use the stretches / drills you remember from last year.

·       If this is your first year running, you can watch this video to give you an idea of warmups. I will be providing videos demonstrating various exercises soon.

3.     Test / Workout


·       You should only do one test per workout.

·       Ideally, you should not test if your muscles are sore from a previous test/workout.

·       If the test is shorter than your typical workout, you can add time to your cool down.


4.     Five Minute Cool Down Run


Getting to Know You

Copy and Paste into a Word Doc and
Email to Coach Dave:






Favorite Subject in School:


Favorite Food:


Favorite Sport:


Other Favorite Activities:


Years Running / Current Running Habits:


Years Competing with FHS:


Other Sports (past / present):




Why do you want to run XC?




What are some of your goals for this season?




What is your favorite part about running?




What else would you like your coach(es) to know about your running?




Have you ever gone to a running store to be fitted for shoes?





Best Time

Current Time

Goal Time

1 mile




1.5 mile (MS distance) OR

3.1 mile (HS distance)




Longest Run (miles / mins)






** See Coach Dave’s form if you wonder how to answer any of these questions. 


Getting to  Know You


Name: David Schrock or “Coach Dave”


Grade: A little bit past 12th Grade J


Favorite Subject in School: Bible and Theology, but before going to seminary I loved taking college classes in the area of exercise science, especially strength training.


Favorite Foods: Anything Mexican, My wife’s pizza, and Chia Banana Max Smoothies from Tropical Smoothie


Favorite Sport: It used to be basketball. I ran XC to help with basketball. Today, running and lifting.


Other Favorite Activities: Reading, Playing sports with my children, Traveling with my family, Drinking good coffee


Years Running / Current Running Habits: 25+ years . . . I run 10 miles/ week in combination with other exercises


Years Coaching with FHS: Just beginning


Other Sports (past / present): High School Basketball, High School and College Track (High Jump, 400, 800), High School Cross Country and various races since college. Most recently, I have been training for a Dekafit fitness race.


Why do you want to coach XC?

I want to coach Cross Country to help athletes glorify God with every aspect of their life, particularly running. I look forward to encouraging runners to meet their running goals and to lead all XC teams to glorify God, build up one another, and finding joy in working hard in the sport of cross country.


What are some of your goals for this season?

Leaning. I am committed to learning as much as possible this season to be an effective coach. For the teams, I want our middle and high school boys and girls teams to improve over the season and to spur each other one to good deeds and good running. If the teams do that, we will be as competitive as our God-given abilities permit.


What is your favorite part about running?

The beginning, the middle, and the end. Running is hard, but doing hard things has become a joy for me. It is one way God grows us and makes us more like Christ. As Eric Liddell, the Christian Olympic runner and missionary to China, once said, “I feel the Lord’s pleasure when I run.” Though running is hard, there is a certain joy found in it. And in learning that lesson, it helps us run the race of life, which is the race of faith.


What else would you like your coach(es) to know about your running?

I look forward to providing weekly training regimen for students that are tailored to individual needs and goals. Occasionally, I will look forward to running with our teams as we train through the summer and fall.


Have you ever gone to a running store to be fitted for shoes?

Yes. But not until after college. I should have done this in high school. Every foot and every body is different. A running store can help you know kind of shoe is best for your foot.




Best Time

Current Time

Goal Time

1 mile

~ 5:30 (in 1997 J )

~ 7:00 minutes

6:30 minutes

3.1 mile

18:47 (in 1997 J )

~ 23 minutes

20 minutes

Longest Run

8 miles / 50 minutes



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