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FHS Spreading the Word in Uganda

By Jim Hildebrand, 03/04/24, 2:30PM EST


These young men wearing FHS basketball uniforms are part of the Bugumiro Young Adults Group. The Bugumiro Foundation is a non-profit organization with one goal: bringing the hope and healing of Jesus Christ to the community they serve. Christ is at the center of every program they offer, every project they undertake. Their ministry serves some of the poorest, most marginalized families in Uganda. The Bugumiro Foundation seeks to restore the community through the formation of the human person. By restoring minds, souls and bodies with education, prayer and opportunity, they believe society will be transformed, families will flourish, economies will thrive, and God will be glorified. 

Bugumiro is helping these young men in Uganda build their social skills using sports. In this part of Uganda, many young men struggle with alcoholism and are in polygamy marriages. Bugumiro has come to understand why some of these issues are happening. With no electricity and no industries, there are no proper social activities that young men can engage in.  Sadly, most resort to alcohol - local brew.  So Bugumiro is using sports to reach out to these young men allowing them to use their energy in the positive way and at the same time have fun.  Bugumiro is also starting to slowly introducing financial literacy. While these young men don't have much cash, even the little they have is spent on alcohol. In part, poverty in the village results from the lack of proper planning - which comes with practice of polygamy. Bugumiro believes soccer is opening other avenues to further their mission of bringing the healing and hope of Jesus Christ to families. Every Sunday either there is a league going on or soccer matches between different young people.

You can learn more about the Bugumiro Foundation at their website: