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Susie Miller Christian Character Award

The Susie Miller Christian Character Award is FHSAA’s highest annually awarded honor. The award is named after the founder of our organization.

Presented in recognition of an individual or team who demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship, exemplary behavior, or exceptional service to others, Susie Miller award recipients may be players, coaches, parents, officials, or volunteers who exhibit these traits as participants in FHSAA. 

Past recipients are listed below:

2024    Zek Garcia

   Catherine Velleco


2023    Andy Swiston

   Lisa Ciola

   Chesterton Bliss


2022    Chris Alberts

                 Sadie Cuvelier


2020    Melisa Cassell


2019    Kathy Tozier


2018    Wendie Green

                                                                                 Claire Hildebrand


2017    Heather Alexander

                             Chris & Akemi Orlando

                             Christina Ciola

                Ryan Kardoes


2016    Karen Oliver

                Jay Jannetto


2015    Hannah Grose

                John Meyer


2014    Will Ipsan

                Jesse Hughes


2013    Gary Helms


2012    Mark Peter

                Chris Peter