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Dynamic Warmups:

1. Heels waddle (straight legs, toes up, walk on heels)

2. Toes waddle (straight legs, walk on toes, heels up)

3. Skips with Arm Circles (straight back, rotate shoulders)

4. Grapevine (full range of motion in hips, move arms)

5. Side Shuffle (squat, hands up, shuffle to the side)

6. A March (90 degree knees, toes up, land on ball of feet)

7. A Skips (like A march but skip)

8. B Skips (knee to 90, extend out, bring back with quick action)

9. High Knees (back straight, knees at 90, land on ball of feet)

10. Butt Kicks (drop knees & arms, heel to butt)

11. High Knee Butt Kicks (bring knee up AND under at the same time)

12. Backwards Walk (reach heel back & extend, move arms)

13. Backwards Run (stay low, extend back leg, move arms)

14. Striders (put it together with your BEST FORM)

Core Strength:

1. Leg raises (on back, lift both legs straight up, then lower to 2-3 inches off ground)

2. Pushups (hands shoulder-width apart; can vary width to work other muscles)

3. Leg V’s (on back, keep both legs 5-6 inches off ground; make a V with the legs, then back to the middle)

4. Lunges (step forward until both legs are at 90 degrees)

5. Plank (head, back, and legs form a straight plane; body supported only with elbows/forearms and toes)

6. Mountain climber (plank position; bring left knee up to right elbow, return to plank, then right knee-left elbow)

7. C-curve (hold a sit up position about halfway up; can support yourself with hands on knees)

8. Squats (feet shoulder-width, keep chest up, lower hips until thighs almost parallel to ground)

Hip Mobility:

1. Leg Swings – Front and back (hips straight, control movement)

2. Leg Swings – Side to side (hips straight, control movement)

3. Skaters (Jump to the right, bring your left foot behind you, and bring your left arm in front of you. Jump to the left, bring your right arm in front of you and your right foot behind you.)

4. Iron Cross (on back, swing leg over to opposite side and touch ground, bottom leg as straight as possible)

5. Scorpion (on chest, swing leg over to opposite side and touch ground, bottom leg as straight as possible)

Leg Strengthening:

1. Calves Toe and heel raises

2. Clams – Lay on side, raise and lower top leg

3. Donkeys – On hands and knees, kick back and up

4. Fire hydrants – On hands and knees, raise leg while keeping knee bent

Static Stretching (sitting versions):

1. Hurdlers (sit one leg straight out, the other folded and meeting the first at the knee; keeping leg straight, bend down toward knee of your straight leg)

2. Butterfly (sit feet together; bring feet toward groin and knees toward ground)

3. Hollywoods (sit one leg straight out, the other leg crossed over with foot on the ground next to knee of straight leg; turn toward cross leg, with elbow on that quad; stretches the lower back and hip)

4. Quads (sit one leg straight out, the other on the ground with knee bent back; lower the torso toward the ground to stretch the quad of the bent leg)

5. Hip flexor (front leg with knee on ground and lower leg side-to-side; kneel with rear leg)

6. Calves (arch body with hands on ground and one foot flat on ground, stretching that calf)

7. Shins (legs together straight forward, point toes forward, reach toward toes)

8. Ankle rotations (slow rotations with full range of motion)

Static Stretching (standing versions):

1. Runners’ lunge (front leg in lunge position, both hands on ground for balance, rear leg extended back; stretch front hamstring)

2. Groin stretch (feet straight forward and legs apart; bend one knee and shift weight toward that leg which stretches the opposite groin)

3. Right-over-left and left-over-right (keep knees straight and reach toward ground)

4. Quads (stand on one leg, grabbing other leg near ankle and pulling it back; but don’t fully collapse the knee!)

5. Hip flexor (weight on left leg, bring right foot behind left leg, bend into left hip)

6. Calves (against tree or wall, lean in, with foot of rear leg flat on ground)

7. Shins (press front foot against tree or wall and lean into it)

8. Ankle rotations (slow rotations with full range of motion)