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NOTE: Before doing any exercise talk to your parents and your doctor.

Train Don’t Strain!

• Before and after every workout make sure you take some time to warm up/cool down then stretch. Take it easy at first. Train don’t strain.

Eat Right!

• Eat healthy foods (fruits, veggies, proteins & whole grains). Cut out or cut down on soda and sweets. Drink lots of water!

Don’t Stress About it!

• If you know you have not done anything and the plan below is intimidating then just get out there and run!  Over the course of 4 weeks build up to 30-40 minutes of solid running without walking for breaks.  If you already can do that then increase speed and distance a little each week.


• Everyone has 3-5 minutes free in their day.  Do 1 minute of each of the following: plank, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, push ups.  Lifting weights (lower body especially but also upper body)


• Check out good websites for your event, watch meets on TV, learn and get inspired!  Here is one I really like:

Sprinters, hurdlers and relays (100m, 200m, 110 hurdles and relays)

1. Easy jog for ½ mile to a mile.

2. Do (3-5) 100 or 200 meter sprints. After sprinting do slow jogs back to where you started, rest for a little and then do another sprint. As you get in better shape shorten your rest time until you can just jog back to your start and sprint again.

3. Some days do (4-6) short 50 meter sprints.

4. At the end of your workouts do any easy ½ mile to a mile jog.

Long Distance runners (400m, 800m and 1600m)

1. The best thing a distance runner can do is jog/run.

2. Stretch well and then go for a ½ mile to a mile run. When you first start running walk some when you need to and slowly build up your endurance.

3. See if over then next 3-4 weeks you can build up your running to where you can run 1-3 miles each run.

4. Ideally you should go for a run 4-5 days a week.

Long and High jumpers

1.Do the same workout as the sprinters.

2.Do some skipping and hopping instead of jogging.

Shot put and Discus

1.Do the same workouts as for sprinters and jumpers.

2.Spend more time lifting every other day.

The above is adapted from the following web sites: and Runner’s World, One Month Until Track Starts”, Jay Johnson, February 7, 2013.