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Cross Country

Fairfax Home School Athletic Association
Cross Country Information


The FHS cross country program aims to develop competitive distance runners and help athletes grow in pursuing Jesus Christ.  The team is a fun, encouraging, hard-working group spanning middle school and high school, both boys and girls, from beginning runners to veterans.

Competitions (meets) are a 5k race for high schoolers and either 2-mile or 4k for middle schoolers (though they may occasionally run up with the high schoolers).

Physical training consists primarily of running daily during the season, including outside the team practice sessions. Practices will also include other activities such as strength training, running form drills, and stretching to improve running mechanics and overall athleticism and reduce injury risk.

Conditioning: These workouts are not required but are highly recommended to prepare athletes for the intensity of training during the season. Conditioning also allows the team to begin building into one another.  July 6 to August 12. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 AM. Saturday, 8-10 AM.

Locations: South Run Rec Center, Lake Accotink, Burke Lake, and occasionally Fountainhead Regional Park.

Tryouts: August 15-26, same locations as above. Days stay the same. As of August 22, Tuesday and Thursday times switch to 4-6 PM.

The objective is for athletes to try out cross country as well as for the coaching staff to gauge your commitment. There is not a set number of team members—spots will be offered based on attitude and effort. Compared to conditioning, the training will start to look more like it will throughout the rest of the season. Time trials will be held, but the focus is less on running a target speed and more on simulating the intensity of races.

Season: August 29 to November 4 (end date will be finalized depending on timing of last meet). Runners will be expected to train 5-6 days per week, with each week’s workout plans posted on the website and circulated via email.  Each athlete will log their workouts in a simple Google sheet so coaches can monitor progress and give feedback.  Tuesday and Thursday, 4-6 PM. Saturday, 8-10 AM (excluding weeks with meets)

Locations: Same as conditioning.

Attendance policy: Please make every effort to limit absences to unavoidable conflicts. If athlete cannot attend practice, email coach and team manager. Meet RSVPs will be sent from website.

Cancelation policy: Practice will be called off in case of thunderstorms or heavy rain. Practice will go on in light rain.

Meets: All team members can typically participate in all meets. Meets are held Saturdays (usually morning) with a couple on weekday afternoons. The number of meets will be 7-8, depending on availability. FHS will aim to host a meet—parent volunteers will be needed. Other locations will vary from local to 1-2 hour drive. Parents are allowed to work out their own carpool.

Costs: Registration fee: $50, must be paid before an athlete can participate in conditioning or tryouts. Season fee: Final fee for the year will be determined based on budget and communicated during tryouts (expect about $200 including uniform fees). Once a spot on the team is offered, the athlete has 48 hours to accept the spot on the team by paying the fee.

Other equipment: A pair of running shoes. Separate racing shoes are not needed. Ideally, a wristwatch with stopwatch function. A GPS watch is not needed.

News for FHS Cross Country


By Webmaster 05/22/2024, 1:30pm EDT

Congratulations to Zekaryah (Zek) Garcia and Catherine Velleco, the 2024 Susie Miller Christian Character Award winners!!!   Well done!


By Webmaster 05/22/2024, 1:30pm EDT

Congratulations to the 2024 Susie Miller Christian Character Award winners:

    Zekaryah (Zek) Garcia and Catherine Velleco.

Many thanks to both of them for the incredible support of FHS, our families and athletes.